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Alia Vitae means "other lives" in Latin.

Alia Vitae brings back to life iconic, evocative or little-known pieces of French design. Pieces whose innovation and singularity marked an era, a style, a taste. Pieces that echo memory and emotions, and whose continued aura still glows in our contemporary interiors.

Alia Vitae reproduces and revisits these design pieces, pieces selected by the founding duo to demonstrate their enduring influence and charisma. Lighting, decorative objects, furniture, tableware, Alia Vitae believes that these iconic creations deserve to be rediscovered and given life in a new era.

Between tribute and modernisation, Alia Vitae favours fabrication by French artisans and the use of responsible materials. Each piece requires a long period of research and experimentation to ensure that the result is as close as possible to the original intention and technology. The material thus enhanced, it is the occasion for Alia Vitae to instigate a correspondence, a dialogue, with contemporary designers and architects. Each project gives rise to a carte blanche, an opportunity to propose a new interpretation of a material with wide potential.

About The founders

Friends since childhood, Emma Demuynck, a design expert for auction houses, and Julien Borisov, both aged 24, have united their shared affinities for art and design to found Alia Vitae. While Emma has a contextual vision of design, Julien likes to develop a narrative through the image and contact with the artisans. Their historical and creative approaches complement one another to bring these iconic pieces back to life with a new perspective.

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